21. April 2023 :

Sitting at a desk for long periods of time, too much time on our smartphones, not enough exercise – the causes of bad posture are manifold. Around 75 percent of all working people in Germany regularly suffer from back pain. If you don’t do anything about it, you risk pain, tension and, in the worst case, permanent damage to your posture. EMS training from Körperformen actively helps to prevent and correct poor posture. The effective electrical muscle stimulation specifically addresses and works the back muscles, ensuring spinal stability and an upright posture.

Bonn, 30 October 2019| 20 minutes of intensive EMS training per week can help relieve back pain and correct bad posture. Studies by the University of Bayreuth show that 88% of all participants were able to reduce their back pain thanks to EMS training. Building the supporting muscles improves posture and aligns the spine. “For patients with acute back problems and fear of movement-related pain, I particularly advise personalised and professionally supervised EMS training. It offers the possibility to compensate for muscular imbalances with a small amount of movement,” confirms Professor Kemmler from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Since no additional weights are used in EMS training, the method is particularly gentle on the joints. That is why it is also ideal for people with rheumatic joint diseases.

Safe and time-efficient: Correct bad posture with EMS training

The qualified personal trainers at Körperformen take any health issues or limitations into account when creating the training plan and tailor the training to your personal training goals. “EMS training is an effective way to combat acute back pain and prevent postural damage. “For all those who cannot find the time to strengthen their back for professional or private reasons, our professionally accompanied EMS training with competent personal trainers is an effective and simultaneously time-saving alternative to conventional back training,” explain Körperformen Managing Directors Sammy Pesenti and Marcel Kentenich.

Strong back muscles offer more than just health benefits: people who walk upright through life appear more confident. If you exercise your back regularly when you are younger, this will have a positive effect on your posture as you get older. Hunched backs and other postural damage can be actively prevented using EMS training.

EMS training gives you a stable spine and healthy spinal discs

Thanks to the electrical impulses, EMS training also stimulates deeper layers of the muscle. This can provide targeted and long-term strengthening of the back muscles as well as improved spinal stability. Reducing the load has a positive effect on the spinal discs. They serve as shock absorbers between the vertebrae and keep the spine mobile. Movement stimulates the metabolism of the spinal discs and provides them with optimal nutrients. Regular EMS training can therefore also protect against spinal disc problems, such as a slipped disc, in the long term.

About Körperformen

The EMS provider Körperformen, based in Bonn, has been supporting its customers and licensees with high quality standards as a reliable and promising partner since 2011. With more than 200 branches, Germany’s second-largest EMS chain is represented throughout the country. Other Körperformen studios outside Germany are located in Austria – mainly in large cities such as Vienna or Innsbruck – as well as in Switzerland and Italy.


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