21. April 2023 :

Around 5 million people in Germany suffer from arthrosis – an extremely painful joint disease. More and more sufferers are coming to Germany’s largest licensed EMS provider “Körperformen” with the desire for pain relief, increased mobility and a better quality of life. In just 20 minutes per week, the muscles around the joints can be built up down to the deep muscles under professional guidance and the cartilage tissue can be supplied with blood and nutrients to effectively alleviate pain as far as possible.

Bonn, 17 April 2019 | The cause of pain during movements in the knees, hips or spine, but also in the joints of the feet, hands or arms, is often arthrosis. This is usually caused by incorrect loading or injuries to the joints as well as being overweight. However, it would be completely wrong to stop moving them. Doctors recommend training that is gentle on the joints. “Cartilage must be kept in motion as this is the only way to keep the joints mobile. Due to the lowest possible load as well as the small movement amplitudes of the joint, full-body training using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a good, gentle option for people with joint pain,” explains Professor Wolfgang Kemmler from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. This way, under the supervision of experienced trainers from the “Körperformen” studios, you train without any additional weights. This means that no additional pressure is put on the joints and the pain of arthrosis is relieved by the full-body workout. Unlike many other EMS providers, “Körperformen” also specifically adapts the training to the individual’s health condition, resilience and endurance.

EMS training provides relief from joint pain caused by arthrosis

Arthrosis usually occurs in old age, but it can also affect younger people. It is believed that in around 50 per cent of all people this disease is due to many years of high stress on the joints. However, other causes can also be delayed consequences of an accident or joint weakness as well as malformations of the joints (which can already become noticeable at a young age). People who suffer from arthrosis have the problem that the cartilage substance of the joints recedes. Thus, the cells are no longer supplied with sufficient nutrients, perish and do not reform. Bone growth can also develop around the joints. This often causes chronic, sometimes severe pain and limits the mobility of those affected. A complete cure for the most common joint disease in the world is almost impossible but full-body training with EMS can provide relief.

EMS promotes blood circulation and nutrient absorption of the cartilage tissue

Through EMS training, the muscles around the joints are built up into the deeper layer of muscle and the cartilage tissue is supplied with sufficient blood and nutrients. “Training without additional weights is therefore ideal for eliminating muscular deficits, relieving pressure on the affected joints, improving mobility and also losing weight. The targeted and personalised exercise with our specially qualified ‘Körperformen’ trainers also strengthens the supporting muscles around the joints and promotes blood circulation,” say Sammy Pesenti and Marcel Kentenich, Managing Directors of the Bonn-based EMS provider “Körperformen”. In addition, it can also be a good means of preventing osteoarthritis. “Those affected should also eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and remain physically active as far as they are able,” adds Professor Kemmler.

About “Körperformen”

The EMS provider “Körperformen”, based in Bonn, has been supporting its customers and licensees with high quality standards as a reliable and promising partner since 2011. With more than 170 branches, Germany’s second-largest EMS chain is represented throughout the country. Other Körperformen studios outside Germany are located in Austria – mainly in large cities such as Vienna or Innsbruck – as well as in Switzerland and Italy.


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