21. April 2023 :

Around 90 percent of all women over the age of 30 struggle with it: cellulite. Men can also suffer from weak connective tissue – the often underestimated regulatory system. Among other things, it represents the interface for the supply of nutrients and the removal of harmful substances from our cells and protects the muscles. Comprehensive EMS training with Germany’s largest EMS licence provider “Körperformen” strengthens the connective tissue by stimulating blood circulation throughout the body as well as the production of collagen – and all this with just 20 minutes of training per week.

Bonn, 23 May 2019 | All basic tasks that form the basis for the body to function are carried out and regulated by the connective tissue. Weakness of the connective tissue is therefore more than just a cosmetic problem. “Blood circulation must be stimulated in order to strengthen the connective tissue. This improves the supply of nutrients and promotes the removal of excess lymph fluid,” says Marcel Kentenich, Managing Director of the Bonn EMS provider “Körperformen”. Full-body training using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a workout that also stimulates the deep-lying muscle layers to contract and builds them up. “This can greatly increase blood circulation and have a positive effect on health, connective tissue and skin texture,” says Sammy Pesenti, co-owner of the Bonn-based company. For example, the intensive strength training, which takes place under the supervision of experienced trainers from the “Körperformen” studios, can tighten the connective tissue and thus reduce cellulite. This is because the more muscle mass is built up, the less space fat cells have.

Strengthen genetically determined weak connective tissue with EMS training

Connective tissue is a functional and the largest interconnected tissue in the human body. It makes up 80 per cent of the total body mass in young children and about 60 per cent in adults. It also envelops and connects cells, muscles, bones and vessels with one another, supplies our body with nutrients, keeps the PH level in the blood constant and conducts nerve impulses, among other things. Regulation of the body temperature also takes place predominantly via the connective tissue system – in other words, a functional regulatory system. However, weak connective tissue is mainly genetic and gets weaker with age. Men are also affected, but suffer from it less often than women. This is mainly due to the comparatively weaker connective tissue structure in women. The collagen fibres are arranged in a v-shape in women, whereas in men they are interwoven like a net. The V-shape is necessary so that the fibres can stretch during pregnancy.

Fighting cellulite into old age with EMS training at “Körperformen”

In addition to a balanced diet, one of the prerequisites for combating cellulite and strengthening the connective tissue is building muscle. In the “Körperformen” studios, EMS training under professional guidance builds up the deep muscles, stimulates blood circulation – and thus the metabolism – and supplies the body cells with nutrients. Combined with the right diet, it can also be a sustainable method for fat loss and weight reduction. “Since training is done without additional weights and attention is paid to the resilience and performance of each individual, working out using EMS is ideal for those with a weak connective tissue structure, even into old age,” say the two “Körperformen” Managing Directors. Training also stimulates the production of collagen. Ideally, this effectively reduces fat deposits builds muscle and firms the skin.

About “Körperformen”

The EMS provider “Körperformen”, based in Bonn, has been supporting its customers and licensees with high quality standards as a reliable and promising partner since 2011. With more than 180 branches, Germany’s second-largest EMS chain is represented throughout the country. Other Körperformen studios outside Germany are located in Austria – mainly in large cities such as Vienna or Innsbruck – as well as in Switzerland and Italy.


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