“Exercise more” topped the list of most popular New Year’s resolutions in 2019 at 52 per cent, just ahead of “Eat healthier” and “Lose weight”. While motivation for regular fitness sessions is often still high in January, for most people it starts to drop in February – and is barely there by March. The reason: many people set themselves unrealistic goals and quickly become frustrated if they do not achieve visible success after just a few training sessions. However, it is not absolutely necessary to spend several hours a week in the gym in order to get fit. With regular EMS training at Körperformen, training goals such as losing weight or building muscle can be achieved in just 20 minutes per week. This motivates you not to give up and to integrate the New Year’s resolution into your everyday life.

Bonn, 13 January 2020 | Training using electrical muscle stimulation, or EMS for short, offers an ideal alternative for anyone who has a limited amount of time but still wants to keep fit. “EMS training is a time-saving, highly effective full-body training method that achieves positive, wide-reaching health effects, confirms Prof. Wolfgang Kemmler of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

It’s worth persevering: visible results in just a short time thanks to EMS training

“Small and realistic goals should be set in order to keep resolutions,” says Marcel Kentenich, Managing Director of Körperformen. When starting conventional fitness training, many exercisers overestimate themselves, which can lead to overloading and pain. In addition, training results are usually only visible after several months. This is frustrating and often leads to people giving up on their resolutions. It’s different when you train with electrical muscle stimulation: “20 minutes of intense EMS training can produce the same results as more than 90 minutes of strength training with weights,” reports Sammy Pesenti, also a Managing Director of Körperformen. As the muscle stimuli in EMS training are up to 18 times greater than in conventional strength training, 20 minutes per week are enough to achieve maximum results – whether for weight reduction, muscle building or a general increase in fitness.

Personal support during EMS training: for more motivation and safety

Part of the reason why EMS training is so effective is that each training session is accompanied by a qualified personal trainer. The trainer first sets goals together with the participant and ensures a slow but steady increase in training intensity. This allows success to be achieved without overloading the body. The trainer makes sure that the exercises are performed correctly and motivates the participant to push their limits. This leads to visible training results within a few weeks – additional motivation to stick with it and integrate the training into everyday life.

About Körperformen

The EMS provider Körperformen, based in Bonn, has been supporting its customers and licensees with high quality standards as a reliable and promising partner since 2011. With more than 210 branches, Germany’s second-largest EMS chain is represented throughout the country. Other Körperformen studios outside Germany are located in Austria – mainly in large cities such as Vienna or Innsbruck – as well as in Switzerland and Italy.


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