EMS has become indispensable in the areas of body toning, rehabilitation and competitive sports. Increased performance in a shorter time compared to conventional training and a successful alleviation of specific pain with simultaneous joint and body protection are convincing everybody in the business, as confirmed by four-time Olympic champion Kathrin Boron.

The market around fitness training is growing incalculably, but not all of these training methods are truly effective or even useful. EMS offers an alternative to conventional strength training. Results that go far beyond the previous muscle build-up are achieved through a broader range of efficacy.

The EMS training experience – what can you achieve?

In summary, electrical muscle stimulation enables you to work all muscles at the same time, increase your performance and strengthen specific muscle groups. The deep penetration also reaches deep-lying stabilisation muscles, which is not possible with conventional treatment methods. For you, this means improved stability and a reduction in specific pain such as in the back, pelvic and shoulder areas. Visible physiological changes, i.e. weight reduction and a defined body shape, can also be achieved in a very short time with EMS training.

The EMS training experience – studies

The Institute for Sports Science at the University of Bayreuth also confirms: “Electrical muscle stimulation training was able to promote body shaping (muscle build-up and increase of the basal metabolic rate) in a very positive way with a low time expenditure of approx. 30 minutes per training session, as well as achieving therapeutic goals such as the alleviation of back and incontinence issues.” This is not least due to the fact that EMS full-body training reaches all muscles that cannot be included in conventional physiotherapy.

Study of EMS training with diabetes mellitus

The EMS training experience – feedback from Kathrin Boron, 4-time Olympic champion

“I was introduced to the EMS full-body concept about 3 years ago at FIBO in Essen. At that time, I was still an active competitive athlete and accordingly sceptical. After all, I have 20 years of experience in sports and I couldn’t believe that 20 minutes a week would be enough to achieve the well-known results. I can feel the greatest results in my back. Due to the high physical strain of rowing, I always had severe problems in my entire back…now I’m pain-free! Sensational!”

Kathrin Boron, 4-time Olympic champion

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