21. April 2023 :

The well-being and safety of our athletes is a top priority at Körperformen. That’s why Germany’s fastest-growing EMS provider constantly optimises its training standards through regular quality audits in order to offer its customers the most efficient and safest training possible. “As a pioneer in health-oriented EMS training, we set standards in the areas of safety, training quality and hygiene. Compliance with these standards is guaranteed by regular quality controls and educating our trainers,” reports Marcel Kentenich, Managing Director of Körperformen. Additional clarification of health issues is provided by the newly established medical training advice service ÄTB.


Bonn, 29 September 2020 | In just 20 minutes a week, people training at Körperformen can use EMS training to release tension, build muscles and reduce their weight. The basis for the maximally efficient training is a detailed medical history at the outset; a doctor’s clearance must be obtained in the case of health issues. In addition, trainers and customers can consult a network of doctors for health-related queries: As a pioneer in health-oriented EMS training, Körperformen offers participants a free service in the form of a medical training advisory service, which enables them to obtain an expert opinion on medical conditions or training intensity and structure.


“Our objective is always to improve the physical health of each participant”

During the training itself, the health and well-being of the trainees is also a top priority at Körperformen: the specially skilled personal trainers ask about the client’s physical condition before each training session begins. They also make sure that people drink enough fluids and that they have eaten a carbohydrate-rich meal before the workout. As with any other type of training, the same applies to electrical muscle stimulation: If the participant is unwell, ill or in pain, the training will not be carried out. “Our objective is always to improve the physical health of each participant. Therefore, the training intensity is adapted to the client’s physical condition each time. Our personal trainers also check the intensity sensation of the impulses at regular intervals during training,” reports Sammy Pesenti, Managing Director of Körperformen. Since only one or a maximum of two people train together at a time, the trainer can oversee each exercise and thus ensure maximum training efficiency. “In my view, electrical muscle stimulation is a technology that is particularly safe and effective due to close cooperation between the trainer and up to two participants,” confirms Prof. Wolfgang Kemmler of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.


Körperformen sets standards in service, hygiene and safety

The quality and safety standards at the Körperformen studios are also constantly reviewed and optimised. In the rapidly growing EMS market, Körperformen is setting standards in terms of training and service quality. “For us, it goes without saying that the highest standards of quality, safety and hygiene prevail in all our studios,” explains Marcel Kentenich. To make EMS training as safe as possible, all Körperformen studios are equipped with wired EMS devices that meet current safety standards. This includes, for example, that a maximum of two people train at the same time in the Körperformen studios, which allows a safe distance of at least 1.5 metres without any problems. At Körperformen , all training equipment is disinfected after use and participants also change into and out of their clothes in individual cubicles.


Anyone who would like to learn about the health-oriented EMS training at Körperformen can arrange a free trial session at one of the 233 studios.


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