21. April 2023 :

In July, the first quality workshop with Körperformen and miha bodytec took place at the company headquarters of miha bodytec in Gersthofen near Augsburg. Representatives of both companies came together to exchange experiences, develop new strategies and discover optimisation potential for the future.


Sankt Augustin, 10 August 2021 | The Coronavirus pandemic has dictated social life since its outbreak. Whether it’s obligatory mask-wearing or minimum social distances: these restrictions also effect everyday training in modern gyms. Thanks to a carefully thought-out hygiene concept, Körperformen offers sports enthusiasts the ideal conditions for training safely even under these special conditions. This includes, for example, that a maximum of two people train at the same time in the Körperformen studios, which allows a safety distance of at least 1.5 metres without any problems. “The health of our employees and trainees is our top priority, and not just during times of the Coronavirus pandemic,” says Marcel Kentenich, co-founder and Managing Director of Körperformen. In times of rising case numbers, the company is now even better prepared for a fourth wave of COVID and the associated requirements thanks to a new partnership. Adhering to the highest safety and quality standards, athletes at Körperformen can now train even more safely without having to worry. We are able to offer participants an innovative hygiene concept in cooperation with Dr. Lippemaier DesiCare. This means that we are setting new standards in the field of preventive healthcare,” says Kentenich.


Clean air modelled on nature

The system, called “ProActiveAir”, works without filters, making it more efficient than conventional systems. The effectiveness of the process is based on a simple mechanism from nature that is transferred to indoor spaces. Through UV radiation and active oxygen, viruses and pollutants are removed from the room air and eliminated. This combination of actions ensures that the room air itself acts as a protective barrier – ecological, free of chemicals and therefore harmless in every respect. “The amount of active oxygen produced is far below the upper permissible limit set by the WHO,” Anton Brückl of Pro Active Air assures us.


Effective air purification: safe control of coronavirus

The benefit for people training in Körperformen studios is the creation of a safe training environment. “Up to 99.9 per cent of viruses, aerosols and particles are removed from the indoor air in our training areas thanks to the new process. The system is active in the entire room shortly after it is switched on, which provides immediate protection,” says Kentenich. The special feature: in contrast to filter technology, there is no need to wait for the air to arrive at the filter. Instead, harmful components are deactivated directly at the point of origin. In addition to viruses of all kinds, bacteria, pollen, allergens, dust and odours are also effectively and thoroughly eliminated. The technology, patented in Germany, combines air purification with further protective components – including the use of micro dry steam and innovative 3D nebulisation – and has already been used successfully in hospitals for years. Now the procedure is also aimed at protecting athletes at Körperformen.


Thanks to a health-oriented approach, EMS strengthens the body in a holistic way

“Electrical muscle stimulation, or EMS for short, originated in physiotherapy,” explains Marcel Kentenich. Participants can release tension, build muscle and lose weight in just 20 minutes a week. The application is therefore particularly suitable for people who want to achieve maximum athletic results in a short amount of time and under the guidance of a qualified personal trainer. Despite rising incidences, athletes can continue to train worry-free in the future and also enjoy maximum training comfort.


A silent, tested and energy-efficient process

The effectiveness of the “Hygiene+” programme has been confirmed by a total of three different test institutes, including the Institute for Energy and Environmental Technology (IUTA) in Duisburg. “In addition, our new hygiene system is also tested and certified on site by TÜV Rheinland,” reports Kentenich. Air disinfection is also silent, energy-efficient and has a lasting effect. The hygiene measures already taken continue to complement the new hygiene system. The wearing of face masks and distancing rules, for example, must still be adhered to. “EMS training at Körperformen offers further significant advantages in this context compared to conventional gyms. For example, all training equipment and surfaces are thoroughly disinfected after each use. In addition, the participants change in individual cabins at Körperformen – a big plus in these pandemic times,” says Kentenich.


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