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With Körperformen, the pioneer for health-oriented EMS training


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Your EMS health studio in Bonn

Effective EMS training for improved health and fitness: Whether muscle exercises, back training or post-partum recovery – our competent personal trainers in our EMS health studio in Bonn will help you to achieve your personal goals in no time at all. Come and see for your yourself: 20 minutes per week of electrical muscle stimulation at Körperformen is enough to improve your overall fitness and tackle health issues such as back pain. Let us demonstrate our effective, full-body training to you as part of a free trial session.

Video of my first time with EMS

Healthcare Expertise


20 minutes of health training per week for maximum training success.

Hygiene & Safety

Trained staff for maximum training comfort, as well as the highest hygiene and safety standards.

Satisfied customers

More than just a member: When it comes to Körperformen, the focus is on people. Your satisfaction is our drive.

Healthcare expertise

Gentle on the joints, deep muscle effective. We are pioneers of health-conscious EMS training.

Moderate prices

Individual contract models for individual requirements. We will find the right option for you.

Personal care

We accompany you on your way to your desired destination. Personal, competent, motivating.

EMS Health

In just 20 minutes per week, you can achieve maximum health results, whether it’s building muscle, toning your figure or strengthening your back. With Körperformen, the pioneer for health-oriented EMS training.

EMS training is particularly suitable for people who have done little sport previously. People with back pain can especially benefit from this effective training.

Dr T. Meier, Doctor and pain therapist

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Electrical muscle stimulation as a time-efficient alternative to the gym

Unlike conventional strength training in the gym, EMS doesn’t work the muscles individually but rather all major muscle groups simultaneously. This increases the training efficiency. Compared to training in a gym, 20 minutes of EMS training per week is enough to achieve visible results. In addition, muscular imbalances can be prevented by an even workload and the continuous support of a personal trainer.

My first time with EMS at Körperformen Bonn

Electrical muscle stimulation offers a time-efficient alternative to conventional fitness training. This is also because its effects are lasting, as shown by the testimonies of our customers:

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The results of the EMS Training shows me that it is worth sticking it out: I lost 16 kg within three months! Where the skin was sagging it is now, after about a year, beautifully firm again – my entire complexion has changed for the better. More…

Gabriele, 60

What awaits you at Körperformen Bonn

Whether you want to increase your overall fitness or add targeted back training to your training schedule: our qualified personal trainers at our EMS health studio in Bonn accompany you on the path to your personal goal. EMS at Körperformen is ideal for building muscle while being particularly gentle on your joints. Your safety is our top priority: That’s why all Körperformen health studios are equipped with the latest EMS equipment and guarantee the highest quality standards during use. Our customers particularly appreciate the pleasant and discreet atmosphere at Körperformen in Bonn – come and see for yourself at a free trial session!

6 x Körperformen in Bonn – where to find us:

Körperformen Bonn Bad Godesberg: Moltkestrasse 30, 53173 Bonn, Phone +49 (0) 228 929 739 86

Körperformen Bonn Beuel: Obere Wilhelmstrasse 2, 53225 Bonn, Phone +49 (0) 228 976 325 90

Körperformen Bonn Endenich: Wesendonckstrasse 18, 53115 Bonn, Phone +49 (0) 228 981 412 15

Körperformen Bonn Oberkassel: Königswinterer Strasse 639, 53227 Bonn, Phone +49 (0) 228 976 325 90

Körperformen Bonn Südstadt: Bonner Talweg 150, 53115 Bonn, Phone +49 (0) 228 850 506 34

Körperformen Bonn Zentrum: Belderberg 19a, 53113 Bonn, Phone +49 (0) 228 976 678 30

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